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OBC Staff


Stephanie Atkins                     Senior Staff Accountant
Jacqueline Arango                  Executive Assistant to the CEO
Trish Garcia                              Manager, Executive Operations
Sean Glynn                               Controller
Ana Hernandez-Ochoa          Chief Marketing Officer
Dawson Hughes                      Vice President, Business Development
Samantha Isaacs Administrative Coordinator
Anthony Jabara Manager, Partnerships
Mike Liotta            Digital Media Coordinator
Kallan Louis Communications & Media Coordinator
Jason Lowry Team Operations Coordinator
Joseph Mandele                      Manager, Ticket Sales
Carina Martinez                       Director, Business Operations
John Mas                                   Director, Partnerships
Jessica McIntyre Partnerships Fulfillment Coordinator
Mitch Morrall                            Vice President, Operations & Special Projects
Jarrett Nasca                           Chief Operating Officer
Brian Park Chief Financial Officer
Eric Poms Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Porter                         Manager, Ticket Services
Youseline Poteau                   Manager, Human Resources
Armando Ramirez                  Director, Ticket Sales & Services
Christina M. Ramos                Director, Marketing & Promotions
Kathleen Skelton                     Senior Director, Membership Services
Emily Theys Events & Operations Coordinator
Larry Wahl                                Vice President, Communications
Latoya Williams                      Director, Community Outreach
Rachel Woolford CRM and Database Consultant
Kacie Albert                           Assistantship, Communications
Katherine Anderson Intern, Events & Festival Operations
Kristin Andreasen Intern, Events & Credential Operations
Nicholas Armbrister Intern, Marketing & Promotions
Arielle deLisser Intern, Partnerships
Kristin Grissom Assistantship, ACC
Matthew Hillyer Ticket Sales Representative
Melissa Klein Assistantship, Community Outreach
Alex Lacroix Intern, Business Office
Alicia Lynch Assistantship, Ticket Sales & Services
Wylie McCall Intern, Events & Game Operations
Holden McKee Assistantship, Business Office
Kyra Mobley Intern, Marketing & Promotions
Jake Morrow Ticket Sales Representative
Patrick Pfaff Business Development Representative
Daniel Pyser Intern, Communications
Carlos Robletto Assistant, Marketing & Promotions
Sharonda Scott Assistantship, Ambassador Program
Kyle Smith Intern, Assistant to the CFO
Robert Tangariffe Intern, Community Outreach
Samantha Tiger Intern, Events & Team Operations
Kyle Ulstad Assistantship, Events & Game Operations
Cameron Warrick Intern, Marketing & Promotions
Matthew Wright Intern, Partnerships