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New Board Members Elected

Don Slesnick was elected by the membership as Second Vice Chair
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Miami Lakes, FL( – The Orange Bowl Committee elected a new Second Vice Chair and welcomed, several new Board of Directors at its annual elections on February 10, it was announced by President and Chair Luis E. Boué.

Don Slesnick was elected by the membership as Second Vice Chair, in line to serve as President and Chair of the Orange Bowl Committee for the 2017-18 season. Slesnick joins Mr. Boué, Chair-elect Lee E. Stapleton, First Vice Chair Michael B. Chavies, Secretary Ann E. Pope, Treasurer Shaun M. Davis, Immediate Past President Andrew P. Hertz and Chief Executive Officer Eric L. Poms as members of the executive committee of the Board of Directors.

Newly elected as at-large Board Members were John P. (Jack) Seiler, Mario Trueba and Hope G. Victor. Charles H. Johnson and Tom Pennekamp, who were ex officio members a year ago as chairs of the Team Host committees, were elected as at-large members, while Albert E. Dotson Jr. and Christopher E. Knight were elected to serve the Board as Past Presidents. Benjamine Reid and Jose C. Romano were re-elected to the boardIn addition, Jeff E. Rubin and Peter K. Spillis become ex officio board members as Team Host committee chairs.

The Board of Directors, led by Mr. Boué will preside over the Orange Bowl Committee for the 2014-15 season, which includes the 81st Discover Orange Bowl on December 31, 2014, the 21st MetroPCS Orange Bowl Basketball Classic and the 16th season of the Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance.

2014-15 Orange Bowl Committee Board of Directors:


·   Luis E. Boué, President & Chair

·   Lee E. Stapleton, President-Elect & Chair-Elect

·   Michael B. Chavies, First Vice Chair

·   Don Slesnick, Second Vice Chair

·   Ann E. Pope, Secretary

·   Shaun M. Davis, Treasurer

·   Andrew P. Hertz, Immediate Past President & Chair

·   Eric L. Poms, Chief Executive Officer


Board of Directors

·   Shawn D. Crews

·   Albert E. Dotson Jr.

·    Charles H. Johnson

·    Yvonne Turner Johnson

·    Christopher E. Knight

·    Mario Murgado

·    Tom Pennekamp

·    Sean Pittman

·    Benjamine Reid

·    Jose C. Romano

·    John P. (Jack) Seiler

·    Peter T. Pruitt Jr.

·    Philip P. Smith

·    Mario Trueba

·     Hope G. Victor

·     Douglas P. Wiley

Ex Officio

·     Jeff E. Rubin

·     Peter K. Spillis


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